Thursday, April 9, 2009

Introducing The Ice Diamond Chronicles

Introducing The Ice Diamond Chronicles....4 awesome kits created around the characters [Polaris, Andreja, Lord Thanos and Tanek] of a book I am writing.
Polaris is an Ice Princess from the northern regions. She is tall and shapely and is in possession of the Ice Diamond which she is able to use to see her dead sister.

Andreja is the sister of Polaris and was raped and killed by the enemies of her people. She was soft and gentle and wouldn't hurt anyone, she had wings and had the same ability as Polaris, her hair changed according to her mood.

Lord Thanos is a tortured man from Crete who was cursed by the greek gods hundreds of years ago for seducing one of the temple maidens chosen for the gods. Lord Thanos is tall and muscular, his violet eyes have halos of red. Distant and offhand, he is sad and often appears rude in attitude.

Tanek is the 18 year old brother to Polaris and Andreja and is a changeling. He is a were beast changing into a siberian husky during times of passion or anger...because his land was at war the training he should have received to keep his beast under control was neglected and right now he is receiving training from someone Polaris found for him.
Kits are available in Fullsize and Taggersize

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